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MA Lawyers are based near Birmingham City Centre. We deal with all matters relating to property transactions including sales and purchases of houses and flats, new building purchases, Help to Buy government funded purchases as well as more complex matters including Lease extensions and commercial property cases. 

The firm has developed an excellent working relationship with local agents and mortgage brokers and clients have been delighted to receive a superb and efficient service at all times.  Our team is dedicated and hard working to ensure client satisfaction.

The MA Lawyers team will provide you with a bespoke service, tailored to your needs.  We will assist you through the process at a highly professional level and you may speak to our team when you want to so you receive a personal, warm and friendly service too.  Be assured that the same person will be handling the transaction throughout so you do not need to worry about being passed around to different people.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Shilpa Majevadia

Director Solicitor

Kiran Kaur Multani

Junior Legal Assistant


Here are some of the answers to commonly asked questions – please get in touch with us if you have a query that’s not mentioned in our FAQ’s.

This is not true because it does not benefit us in any way.  Delays can be caused for a myriad of reasons such as issues in the chain; for example if there is a first time buyer at the bottom of the chain he could be waiting for his mortgage to come through, or if searches have been applied for we need to wait until they ALL come through.  I am aware however that some clients do have bad experiences with law firms.

If you are buying house and your hear the phrase “it’s a probate sale” it means the seller has died and his executors ( the people legally entitled to sell the property) are selling on his behalf- this incidentally can cause delays in the transaction because without the Grant of Probate the executors cannot proceed.

We have a stamp duty holiday but only until the end of March 2021 up to £500,000. However, if you are buying a second property you WILL still pay a surcharge tax – that is tax on top of the normal stamp duty and it is a staggered payment depending on how much you buy for but it is in most cases 3% of the WHOLE purchase price.   You still save on the stamp duty up to  March 2021,  but the surcharge still applies to a purchase of a second home.

Information and comments from an estate agent are not legally binding.  

A common question – and no you cannot get compensation the only thing you can look forward to is a small abortive legal bill depending on how much work has been done. 

The Lending bank when deciding on how much to lend you as a mortgage will value the property and usually not visit the property.  A desktop or drive by valuation at the most. A Survey – is done by a surveyor that you appoint (we can give you details of a surveyor) and he visits the premises and reports to you on the property regarding its structure – the report will flag up issues.  Sometimes you can negotiate a lower price if it transpires that a lot of work will need to be carried out to rectify defects.

Clients About Us

working together to serve your needs

Hi Paramjit,
We hope you are well ? I just wanted to say personally to you thank you .
Your dedication and meticulous approach to ensure the purchase of our house was completed in a way that protected us even though the sellers and their solicitor put you under extreme pressure and yet you acted in a professional manner and at all times put our best interests first .
I would not hesitate to recommend you and MA lawyers .
Regards and thank you .

J & H ,