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We act for the Lender; we advise them and secure their first charge on the property and owe them a duty of care – Professional Obligation.  Shilpa Majevadia, Director Solicitor
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Hi Paramjit,
We hope you are well ? I just wanted to say personally to you thank you .
Your dedication and meticulous approach to ensure the purchase of our house was completed in a way that protected us even though the sellers and their solicitor put you under extreme pressure and yet you acted in a professional manner and at all times put our best interests first .
I would not hesitate to recommend you and MA lawyers .
Regards and thank you .

J & H ,

How It Works

The Conveyancing Process

1.We take ID and verify that you are who you say you are.  This is to prevent fraud.  We also have stringent regulations regarding Anti-Money Laundering, so you have to show your source of funds when buying a house –  in order that we can ascertain that they are not Proceeds of Crime – please note, that if we do not investigate properly – we can go to prison!  Do not take our investigations personally, we do it for each client.

The bulk of the work is done at this stage. We review all documents, we apply for and review the searches and we raise pre-contract enquiries, we prepare a mortgage report and title report.  We are checking to see that the title has no defects and searches are clear. It is important because prior to exchange of Contracts if our investigation reveals defects you can pull out of the transaction and not suffer financial consequences. We report to you on all matters.

Contracts are formally exchanged, this means the terms are set and agreed, and the Deposit is put down – so now both parties are legally bound/locked into the deal.

Between exchange and completion we send some legal information to the other side, we draw down funds from the Lender after reporting to them and client, we prepare the bill and statement.  On completion of a purchase we pay the balance of money over and that is when you collect your keys.  If you are selling – we receive the money from the buyer’s solicitor, pay off your old mortgage, take our fees, pay the estate agent and then send you the balance of funds.

Not many people realise that after you move in we are still working on your file –  with HMRC to pay stamp duty and submit the forms and apply to The Land Registry to register the client as the legal owner and the Lender’s first charge – it is a very important stage.  Sometimes the Land Registry will raise questions prior to registration.

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